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Acceptable primary forms of ID may include

The photo IDs listed below are suggestions based on IDs frequently accepted as a primary form of ID, but requirements vary by state

Many states require the ID to be valid and unexpired. Our system only accepts unexpired IDs.

All IDs must include a photographic image of your face. Blurry photos of IDs are not acceptable. You will be asked to retake the photos if the ID is unclear.

Most states allow foreign IDs, but some states require the IDs listed above to be issued in the United States. If the state requires a U.S. government-issued ID, it is commonly acceptable to use an ID issued by any U.S. state or territory. Specific ID requirements depend on the state in which the Notary is commissioned. Notaries can view requirements for their state here.

Acceptable secondary forms of ID may include

If you've recently changed your name and it no longer matches the ID you're using for identity verification purposes, you must provide a secondary ID that reflects your new name. Your primary ID can have your former name as long as your secondary ID has your current name.

All secondary forms of ID must display your name (the signer's name):

Not Accepted on the Platform

Military IDs & Inmate/Prisoner IDs

Due to constraints from our Credential Analysis vendor, we cannot accept Inmate/Prisoner IDs or Military IDs (including dependent Military IDs). Contact us if any questions.